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Panda manual hoists

Manual hoists are hoists combined with chains, ropes, pulleys and levers operated by hand. They are especially advantageous for lifting work in the open air and places where no power supply is available. A typical example of a manual hoist is the hand chain hoist. It is suitable for use in factories, mines, farms, construction sites, plant maintenance, piers, docks, and warehouses for installing equipment and other industrial applications and loading and unloading goods.

Panda manual hoists include a series of heavy-duty and lightweight chain blocks, lever hoists, and wire rope pulling hoists, meeting the EN mechanical directive and Japanese technology. The chain blocks can be attached to any type of plain or geared trolley as the travelling chain blocks. They are suitable for the monorail overhead conveying system, hand travelling crane and Jib crane.

VD chain block

HSZ-CB heavy duty chain blocks is the best quality in our company which meets EN:13157 standard

Japan technology chain block

HSZ-VT chain block is the international high-quality type chain block, according to the Japanese technology

triangle chain block

HSC chain block is the commercial lightweight type with the round HS type.

popular lever hoist

HSH-VE lever block is the most economical type.

Japan tech lever block

HSH-VT lever block is the popular high quality type.

wire rope pulling hoist

KX series aluminum cover lever cable hoist

Stainless steel manual hoists

Stainless steel hoists have the advantages of rust resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high cleanliness. They are widely used in marine vessels and biopharmaceuticals, tunnels and mining projects, and food process factories,etc.

Small size hoists

Small hoists also named mini hoists, are not only smaller volumes than usual hoists, but also have smaller sizes. They are in compact structure, cute surface, easy to carry, small volume but big power.

Product Feature Box

lower price of the chain block
Flexible best prices

Panda has our own factory to manufacture chains and some parts, so can control the chain hoists’ cost originally.  Here has the flexible choices for you.

strict quality control of the hoists
Strict quality control

Quality is the first for lifting equipment. Every hoist will have the tensile inspection 1-1.5times according to the quality before packaging.

good delivery
Strong packages and Stable delivery

It is our responsibility to help customers save every container space and ensure the hoists are in good condition.

one stop service
One-stop service

From the market hoists type selection, engineer design, factory production, container shipment, and customer after-sales, whatever you require, panda is here.

Custom Design any Chain blocks for Your Business

There are too many types and qualities of hand chain hoists. You can inform us of your market, and your preferred hoist type to get the quotation. Any special requirements about parts quality, such as the gears, ratchets, and chains, we can also meet that.

manual chain blocks
load chain test

Strict sampling inspection of the parts

After receiving the parts, our inspector will first check the surface. Then make some hardness sampling inspection and G80 load chain 4 times broken test as the photo.

Company production capability

chain block body
lever block

We are still a growing factory. There are 5 assembly lines, 1000㎡ warehouse now. About 800pcs chain blocks can be assembled in one day.

The most competitive hoist in our company

VITAL type chain block
HSZ-VT Japan tech chain block
VITAL type lever block
HSH-VT Japan tech lever block

Applications of the manual hoists

chain block application
Chain blocks application in construction

Chain blocks can not only lift heavy objects but also pull and fasten steel plates and other materials in construction projects. The use of chain hoists also greatly saves manpower, improves work efficiency, and speeds up construction progress.

lever block application
Lever blocks application in transportation

Lever hoists have the advantages of safety and durability, easy maintenance, small size and lightweight, small hand force and high efficiency. They are the best choice in big mechanical cargo transportation for binding and reinforcement.

wire rope pulling hoist application
Wire rope pulling hoist application in installation

The wire lever hoist has three functions of lifting, traction and tensioning. The whole machine is light in weight, easy to carry and easy to operate. It is suitable for traction of power installation.

chain blocks cover stock
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Do you have better quality chain blocks?

From now on, based on our standard VD heavy-duty type chain hoist is our best quality, then VT, then HSC, then HS.  For example, if you like VT model in better quality, we can also change parts as the requirements.

What's the difference of lever hoist and wire rope lever hoist?

The wire rope lever hoist is composed of two pairs of smooth self-locking clamps, which alternately clamp the wire rope like two steel claws, and make linear reciprocating motions to achieve traction operations. Lifting and other operations.
The chain lever hoist is a lifting tool that drives the chain through the handle by manpower to drive the movement of the pick-up device.
They can all be used in the open air and without power supply.

What's the difference of chain block and lever block?

Both chain hoists and lever hoists are manual hoists, and they have similarities and differences.

The difference is that the chain hoist is driven by hand chains and is mostly used to lift heavy objects vertically; the lever block is driven by a wrench handle and is mostly used to move heavy objects horizontally.

Chain hoists can be used in factories, mines, agriculture, electric power, building construction, docks, docks, warehouse mechanical installation, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading, etc., especially suitable for open-air and no power supply operations; lever hoists are widely used for installation of equipment, bundling of loose parts, tightening of lines and welding alignment in industrial and mining, transportation, construction, electric power, shipbuilding and forestry departments, etc.

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