hs chain block
Light Chain Block
  • 1T chain block
  • 2T round type chain pulley block
  • Cheap price chain hoist
  • 1T chain falls price $13
  • hsz chain block
  • 1T chain block
  • 2T round type chain pulley block
  • Cheap price chain hoist
  • 1T chain falls price $13
  • hsz chain block

HS Commercial Round Chain Hoist

Capacity: 1T-50T
Power Source: manual
Sling type: chain
Lifting height: standard 3M
Warranty: 1 year
HS code: 8425190000
Transport package Light plywood case

Features of HS Type Chain Block

HS-type chain hoist has won the favour of new and old customers due to its middle quality and obvious price advantage. It’s selling well in domestic and foreign markets. It can be used for machine installation, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading, etc. in industry, agricultural construction, mining, etc., especially suitable for open-air and no-power operations.

  • Compact structure, small size, lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Easy maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, and small hand pulling force.
  • Safe, reliable and durable.


HSZ chain block parts

Liftpand HS round chain block can make different configurations as the quality of the parts to meet different requirements.

For example, cheap type chain hoists can just meet the DIY light-duty market. And we recommend for the lightweight chain block, the max capacity doesn’t be over 5T and the lifting height doesn’t be over 5M.  Usually, it’s a 2.5M load chain, not 3M.

Chain hoists with good quality can pass the 1.25 times test. But the cheap one can just reach 1 time and the lifetime is very short.

So please don’t just compare the prices of the chain blocks and confirm the details with us.  Of course, Liftpand has a very professional sales team with more than 10 years of experience in the chain hoists market, we will also recommend the right one according to your requirements.

dimension of hs chain block

specification of hs chain hoist

Wide application of chain blocks

Chain hoists are used for lifting operations in the open air or in an environment without power supply. Especially, VD chain hoists are used in demanding industrial manufacturing, bridge construction, and mining sites.

chain block application

Related products

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Below are the basic FAQS during communication, if you have more questions, welcome to fill the sheet and contact us. You will get the answer within 1hour.

How about the MOQ?

At least 20pcs for each model, but have to use our English neutral packages because of the cost. OEM label is no problem.

If the designed package, MOQ is 100pcs.

Of course, 1 sample in payment is available.

I want ball bearing chain blocks.

Yes! This VD type is ball bearings inside.

It’s exactly what you are searching!

How do you make after sales?

Usually, one year warranty for all our products if some break under normal use.

New parts will be sent to you.

Also, some consumable parts can be added to the order.

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