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The hand winch is composed of large and small gears, a cable drum, a wire rope or sling, a handle and a cover. The combination of the small gear driving the large gear can amplify the force several times in order to provide greater power. The manual winch pulls the goods by shaking the drum by hand, and the drum driven by gears pulls the goods by turning the wire rope wound on it.

The hand winch is equipped with manual steering and an automatic braking device, which makes it safer when operating. When the wire rope or sling pulls the goods and the winch drum remains still, the brake ratchet will engage with the load-bearing ratchet to play a braking role.

The hand winch is easy to operate, easy to carry, and widely used.

It is a self-protection and towing device for vehicles and boats. It can perform self-rescue and rescue in harsh environments such as snow, swamps, deserts, beaches, and muddy mountain roads.

It can also perform obstacle removal, drag items, and install facilities under other conditions. It is an indispensable safety device for military police, petroleum, hydrology, environmental protection, forestry, transportation, public security, frontier defence, fire protection and other outdoor sports.

Liftpand manual winch capacity is from 500lb to 3000lb.

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Product By Material

Hand winches are also called manual trailer winch or windlass winch. According to the material, they are divided into stainless steel winches, plastic spray winches and galvanized winches.

They have the characteristics of two-way self-locking, hardened gears, safety and labour-saving.

Hook with self-locking buckle, alloy steel hook.

The casing is treated with plastic spraying and does not rust.

The handle is made of rubber, which is wear-resistant and non-slip. The steel wire rope adopts solid steel wire rope, which is anti-rotation.

Stainless steel brake hand winch
Stainless steel brake hand winch

Hand Winch Options

There are three types of manual winch for your choice, the bear hand winch, the manual cable winch, and the manual strap winch.

If no requirements for wire rope or strap, the standard of hand winch in our company is bear type.


Use of Hand Winches

Hand winches are mainly used in the field (no power supply environment) firefighting, emergency rescue, rescue, underground, vehicle-mounted cranes, truck cranes, docks, hydrology, ships, trees, lifting, traction, lifting and other operations.

Product Feature Box

Electroplating shell
Electroplating Case
thick plate
Thickened Steel Plate
Four-axis design
Four-axis Design
Load hook
Manganese Load Hook

Hand winch maintenance

1) Frequently check the fixation of screws and nuts and the condition of each part of the winch;
2) Before each use, check the brakes. If the brakes are abnormal, do not use them;
3) Before each use, the steel wire rope or the strap should be checked, and the material can only be used if it is intact, otherwise, it should be replaced immediately;
4) Keep the wire rope clean and flexible, and clean up the dust on the wire rope and the chemical substances that will corrode the wire rope in time.

Hand winch self-inspection and maintenance
Hand winch application

Why use the hand winch?

  • When various rescue work is required, the hand winch is another option for the vehicle winch.
  • The most significant advantage of a hand winch is portability, which can be connected from any direction for drag.
  • The manual winch pulls goods by rocking the rope or straps drum. When pulling goods and the drum keeps stoped, the auto-brake system will work.
  • The hand winch can also be used for lifting(lifting force is about 65% of drag force).
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