• 1800lbs hand winch
  • manual winch
  • Wire rope brake winch
  • 2600lbs boat winch
  • 1800lbs hand winch
  • manual winch
  • Wire rope brake winch
  • 2600lbs boat winch

C Brake Hand Crank Winch

Capacity: 1200LB,1800LB,2600LB
Power Source: manual
Sling type: sling or wire rope
Material: low carbon alloy steel
Warranty: 1 year
HS code: 8425399000
Port: tianjin port

Quality details of the brake manual winch

alloy steel gears

High-temperature quenching precision gears, strong load-bearing capacity, not easy to deform.

Rubber handling

Anti-skid and wear-resistant handle, long service life, easy to disassemble, folding handle is optional.

Durable base

Thickened steel shell, improved wear resistance, and in long service life.

  • The C series brake hand winch has a two-way self-locking function, the force is small and effortless, the brake will automatically open when the shaking stops, and the safety factor is high;
  • Alloy steel quenched gears have high meshing degree, high heat forging, strong and durable;
  • Anti-twisting solid steel wire rope, good flexibility, no knotting, no winding;
  • Thickened stamping alloy steel base, real material, strong and stable, stamped by advanced production technology;
  • The hook is also made of alloy steel, anti-falling, high strength, corrosion resistance, not easy to break and not easy to deform.
  • Ball bearing is available.
  • Standard package: one pcs per carton, then 4 cartons in one big carton.

hand winch dimension


MODEL C-1200 C-1800 C-2600
Capacity LBS 1200 1800 2600
Test Load KN 8 12 17.5
Horizontal Traction Force 500kg 800kg 1100kg
Lifting Capacity 150kg 300kg 500kg
Gear Ratio 4.2:1 5:1 10:1
Wire Rope Dia 4mm 5mm 6mm
Wire Rope Length(m) 5-30 5-40 5-40
Dimensions (mm) A 184 256 293
B 156 203 216
C 88 107 127
D 272 283 305
E 51 60 63
F 210 319 319
G 109 109 109
H 27 27 27
Net Weight(kg) 3.7 7.7 10.1

hand winch base size

Hand Winch Traction

Hand winch
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