Liftpand is a professional supplier of the electric chain hoist with more than 10 years exporting experience.

  • New die-cast aluminium shell.
  • Hook suspension or trolley moving type
  • Single-speed / double speed
  • Japan tech with dual brake system



HHBB electric chain hoist is a light and small lifting equipment commonly used in industrial and mining enterprises, railways, docks and warehouses.

Liftpand electric chain hoists are available from 0.5T to 80T with lifting heights from 3M to 40 M. The reducer adopts a hard tooth surface transmission design, which has long service life and high mechanical efficiency. The motor adopts a conical rotor brake motor, with up and down two-way safety limit device.

It has the advantages of advanced structure, small size, reliable performance, fast lifting speed and convenient operation. It can be widely used to lift heavy objects or installed on single-girder cranes, straight and curved I-beams, and can also be used on hoist double-girder, hoist gantry cranes or cantilever cranes.

Electric chain hoists can be divided into fixed type, running type and low headroom electric chain hoist according to their functional characteristics and different places of use.
It can be installed on KBK flexible track, I-beam, cantilever crane and fixed lifting point to lift goods, and can also be used in low factory buildings. It can also be combined with a trolley to move up, down, left, and right. And it can realize indoor operation or wireless remote operation.

Liftpand electric chain hoist is available for 220V, 380V, and 440V.

According to lifting speeds, HHBB electric chain hoist can be divided into single constant speed operation type and dual speed-frequency conversion operation type. It can not only realize high-speed operations but also realize low-speed operations according to the nature of the cargo and the safety of the operation. For example, when we are hoisting some simple objects and have speed requirements, we can adjust the remote control to perform fast speed operation, while hoisting some large and heavy objects or fine and precise placement is required, at this time, we can choose the slow state for hoisting to ensure safe hoisting and precise operation. Please choose the suitable one as required.

HHBB series hoist advantages: lightweight, small limit size, high working level, good safety performance, high reliability, low failure rate, low working noise and huge braking force.


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Details of Liftpand HHBB Electric Chain Hoist

Aluminum Shell of HHBB

The aluminium alloy casing is solid and light with a high cooling rate. The overall sealed structure can be used in terrible environments such as chemical plants, electroplating plants and other places.


Magnetic brake

The side magnetic brake device is a relatively novel magnetic force generator. The main purpose is to complete the braking of the hoist at the same time when the power is cut off to ensure safety lifting.

Handling Control

The control switch uses waterproof button switches which are light and durable. 2 points are for hook type up and down. 4 points are for trolley type. And 6 points are for hoist up and down, trolley right and left, and end truck front and back.

internal wiring

Compact structure, reliable braking. With a reverse phase protection device, when the power wiring is wrong, the control circuit cannot operate. The 24V/36V transformer device prevents leakage during operation and plays a protective role.

Load Chain

The alloy steel chain, coupled with the chain surface treatment process, is stable and unaffected by certain corrosive conditions such as seawater and chemicals.

Imported FEC 80 or FEC100 is optional.

Load hook

The load hook is processed after hot forging with perfect strength.

The lower hook can rotate 360 degrees, with a safety latch to prevent falling off.


Different types of Electric Chain Hoist

HHBB Electric Chain Hoist can be used singly in hook type which can be fixed in a place for lifting.

It can also be used in combination with a plain trolley or push trolley.

The moving type with an electric trolley can walk left and right on the I-beam, generally in four directions up, down, left, and right. Also, it can be used in six directions (up, down, left, right, front, back) for the end track.

Electric Chain Hoists By Size

Liftpand standard lifting height of this HHBB electric chain hoist is 4M. More length is available for customized.

3P or 2P 220V、380V、415V、440V、550V voltage are available.

  • electric chain pulley block 1T

    1T hoists have 2 models by single fall(01-01) or double falls(01-02). The capacity is 1000kg. The lifting speed for 1 fall is 6.6m/min, and for 2 falls is 3.4m/min. The motor power for 1 fall hoist is 1.5Kw and for 2 falls is 0.75Kw. The chain dia for 1 fall is 7.1mm and for 2 falls is 6.3mm. The I-beam dimension is 58-153mm.

  • electric chain block 7.5T

    The HHBB 7.5T electric hoist has 3 chain falls, model 7.5-03. The 80-grade load chain dia is 11.2*34mm. The capacity is 7500kg.

    The lifting speed is 1.8m/min. The motor power is 3.0Kw.

    The I-beam dimension is 100-178mm.

  • electric crane 3phase 380V 10T

    The 10T electric chain hoist has 4 chain falls, model by 10-04. The 80-grade load chain dia is 11.2*34mm. The capacity is 10000kg.

    The lifting speed is 2.7m/min. The motor power is 3.0Kw*2.

    The I-beam dimension is 100-178mm.

  • HHBB electric chain hoist 15T

    The 15T electric overhead crane has 6 chain falls, model by 15-06. The 80-grade load chain dia is 11.2*34mm. The capacity is 15000kg.

    The lifting speed is 1.8m/min. The motor power is 3.0Kw*2.

    The I-beam dimension is 100-178mm.

  • overhead electric hoist 20T

    The 20T electric crane hoist has 8 chain falls, model by 20-08. The 80-grade load chain dia is 11.2*34mm. The capacity is 20000kg.

    The lifting speed is 1.4m/min. The motor power is 3.0Kw*2.

    The I-beam dimension is 100-178mm.

Product Feature Box

Compact structure
Compact structure

Compared with the wire rope electric hoist, the HHBB electric chain hoist has a beautiful appearance, a compact body, a small size and is lightweight.


Chain, electrical configuration, colour, remote control, and motor speed can all be customized. It can also be customized for occasions such as Explosion-proof hoists or Clean hoists.

High insulation class
High insulation class

The hoist motor insulation class is F. That means the insulation used in this generator has a heat-resistant temperature of 155°.

Long service life
Long service life

Liftpand HHBB hoist uses fine and durable spare parts to ensure high security and reliability.  It has a low breakdown and long working life.

Feature of Electric Chain Hoist

  • The lightweight and sealed aluminium alloy shell is rustproof and corrosion prevention in a terrible environment.
  • High strength 360℃ hooks with safety latches.
  • The delicate chain bag is light and durable. If more chains, the bag can be designed or changed to a steel bag.
  • Inverse phase sequence protecting device controls the circuit not working in case of wiring error in the power supply.
  • With a limit switch device, the motor will stop automatically to prohibit the chains from exceeding for safety.
  • The side magnetic braking device should realize the instant brake in case of a power dump.
  • Super heat-treated alloy steel chain has provided safety and stability for lifting up and down.
electric chain hoist

Wide applications of the PANDA HHBB Electric Chain Hoist

electric chain hoist used in Metallurgical industry
Metallurgical industry electric chain hoist

Electric hoists for metallurgy can be used in narrow spaces, such as molten metal lifting and handling, metallurgy, casting, spraying and other high-temperature environments.

Application of chain electric hoist in production workshop
Electric chain hoist applied in Workshop

An electric chain hoist can be installed on the I-beam to hoist large parts. It saves manual handling to a large extent and is convenient for workers to move and assemble.

electric chain hoist used in the construction
Electric chain hoist used in the Construction

In building work, there are many construction materials and construction tools that need to be lifted. After installing the Liftpand electric hoist, we can easily lift the tools.

electric chain hoist used in logistic
Electric chain block used in Logistics industry

Logistics warehouse staff use electric chain hoists to move bulky goods to designated locations, waiting for loading and delivery.


0.5T-5T electric chain hoist data 0.5T-5T electric moving trolley type 0.5T-5T electric trolley type

7.5T overhead electric hoist

15T electric hoist

20T electric hoist data

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