Variety of Beam Trolley


  • Quality material
  • Efficient operation
  • Durable using


Panda Beam Trolley

The beam trolley is a light and small machine supporting lifting equipment with a simple structure and is easy to operate. It can be matched with chain hoists, electric hoists or other lifting products to form a lifting transport trolley.



Manual Hoist Trolley

Manual handling trolleys can be used with chain hoists and lever hoists and can run on I-beams. The trolley wheels are specially designed to pass smoothly in curves. They are equipped with sealed lubricated bearings for smooth and stable operation. It can be adjusted according to different types of I-beams, and an anti-collision module can be selected to avoid collisions during operation.

Electric Trolley for PA hoist

The PA electric hoist trolley with I-steel beam links can be used with the PA electric winch or multifunctional electric hoist working on the straight track. There are only two models 0.5T and 1T for this series trolley. They are widely used in workshops, mining, warehouse and construction sites and are perfect for lifting engines, transmissions, shop tools, and cargo berths.


Electric chain hoist trolley

This trolley is mainly suitable for equipment for lifting large objects. It’s driven by electric motors and walks on the lower edge of the I-beam rails. Equipped with electric hoists or chain hoists, they can form bridges, single girders or cantilever cranes. It is widely used in factories, mines, docks, warehouses, machining, injection moulding, die-casting, stamping, clamping moulds, construction sites and other occasions for installing machinery and equipment and lifting goods.

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