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What is Car Jack?

Jack include mechanical jack and hydraulic jack. It refers to the light and small lifting equipment that uses a rigid top lifting part as a working device, and the weight is lifted in a small stroke by a top bracket or a bottom claw. The jack is mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments as vehicle repair and other lifting, support and other work. Its structure is light and strong, flexible and reliable, and can be carried and operated by one person.


Shop Crane

Engine hoists are available in two styles, foldable and fixed.

Jack Stand

High-quality jack stand : 3T and 6T

Sold in pairs and recommended only to be used in pairs.

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floor jack
Floor Jacks

Floor jacks are mainly driven by manpower, with a wide range of lifting capacity, and the lifting height generally does not exceed 400 mm and are widely used in equipment maintenance and installation.

Farm Jack application
Farm Jack

The farm jack is suitable for repair and auxiliary functions of off-road vehicles in the field, use it to lift the vehicle to change tires, overhaul the vehicle, lift the wheels out of mud or potholes when the vehicle is stuck, and even push the vehicle to move.

bottle jack
Bottle jack

The hydraulic bottle jack has a  lower lifting capacity and small volume and is widely used on small cars. It’s easy to operate, simple, reliable, high safety factor, and can also play a labour-saving role. It is a good helper for our cars and a good labor-saving tool for people.

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