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Plain Trolley And Geared Trolley

Capacity: 0.5T-50T
Power Source: Manual
Sling type: Chain
Lifting height: Standard 3M
Warranty: 1 year
HS code: 8425190000
Transport package: Strong Kraft Carton or Plywood Case
Type: Peach/Trapezoidal/Anti-collision

What is a plain trolley or a geared trolley?

A plain trolley is a trolley that requires manual push input to move the trolley along the beam. There is no motor drive.

A geared trolley is a trolley that has a hand wheel with chain, like a manual hoist, that is attached to gears that drive the wheels. Pull the chain by manpower to drive the hand wheel, thereby driving the drive wheel. There is no motor drive too.

Used for walking on the lower edge of the I-beam track, the push-pull trolley and chain hoist or lever block form a bridge, single beam or cantilever crane widely used in factories, mines, warehouses, construction sites, etc. LIFTPAND Monorail Trolley helps you maneuver easily for your most demanding moving operations, including helping you install machinery equipment, and lift heavy objects without power supply.

geared trolley

Push-Pull Trolley

push trolley-peach

As the most widely used Beam Trolley, the peach type Pushing Trolley has simple structure and stable performance.Single-axle trolley minimize costs and provide more even wheel force for safer operation and longer functional life. Tonnage mainly includes: 0.5T, 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 10T, 20T, 30T, 50T.

push trolley-Trapezoidal

Monorail trolley including pull trolley and push trolley, suitable for harsher conditions of use,double-axle trolley lifter with more stable structure and smaller height, can form a manual hoist trolley with chain block.As hand trolley heavy duty, can be used in rain, snow, dust, cold environment.

push trolley-anti-collision

As an excellent heavy duty trolley, it has steel wheels and anti-collision function, preventing hand trolley from derailing, avoiding asualties and cargo damage. Both wall panels of the manual handling trolley are hinged, and under the action of gravity, the height can be adjusted by itself, so that wheels are evenly stressed.

pull trolley-peach

With hand chain used, the chain trolley can have a wider range of uses. The height of the beam can be higher, the cargo can be heavier, the frequency of use can be higher, and the manpower can be saved. This pulley trolley has high transmission efficiency and small hand pulling force.

pull trolley-Trapezoidal

The hand trolley is driven by hand chain and can walk freely on the lower flange of the I-shaped steel rail, and the distance between the wheel flanges can be adjusted according to the width of the I-shaped steel rail. The manual hoist is suspended under the beam trolley to form manual lifting trolley.

pull trolley-anti-collision

Used as hand trolley heavy duty, the monorail trolley compact structure, small installation size. Due to many spare spacers, the distance between the wheels of the geared trolley is easy to adjust, suitable for a variety of I-beams and can also drive on curves with a small turning radius.

LIFTPAND Plain Trolley and Geared Trolley can be easily installed in 5 minutes for precise positioning or seamless movement of loads with manual hoist or electric hoist.  Designed to travel along I Beam, H Beam, and seamless steel pipe, the LIFTPAND range of hand trolleys (push trolley and pull trolley) suit various beam widths to provide an easy and convenient way to move load. These monorail trolleys are compatible with virtually any LIFTPAND hoist make or model.  Thanks to our excellent team, adopting the latest technology, LIFTPAND provides customers with a series of well-designed Plain Trolley & Geared Trolley to solve the problem of moving loads for customers.

As Professional lifting tools supplier,  The LIFTPAND Beam Trolley helps you tackle the toughest moving object operations easily and provide you with one-stop service and solution.

geared trolley

plain trolley1

The Best Beam Trolley, How To Choose It?

Push trolley or pull trolley can be used for a variety of applications.
Manual trolleys are ideal for low-volume applications where loads only need to be moved short distances.
Unlike motor trolley, universal trolley require manual pushing to advance along the beam. So in a place without electricity, push pull trolleys are needed. For example, manual trolleys are ideal for operators moving loads in simple workshop, field place, temporary site.
Hand trolleys are not ideal for high-productivity applications.

various beam trolley
geared trolley

Product Features

Plain trolley and geared trolley have lightweight size, compact design, high strength and good toughness, small radius of gyration, easy adjustment of wheel spacing, and are suitable for various specifications and sizes of I-beams.

Lubricated for life maintenance-free, sealed precision ball bearings provide manual trolley smooth motion, low friction and long life.

Monorail trolley Evenly distributes load on all wheels with load-balancing suspension

Beam trolley can be conveniently coupled with manual hoist and electric hoist.

Terms Of Use

  1. Manual handling trolley is strictly forbidden to overload
  2. manual trolley hoist when lifting load, no one is allowed to walk or work under the load.
  3. Monorail trolley when lifting the load, the center of gravity should be within the plane of the I-beam web, otherwise do not lift. When operating, the hand chain should be stressed within the center plane of the hand chain wheel, and it must not be pulled obliquely.
  4. If the monorail trolley has abnormal hand-pulling force, it must not be pulled violently, it should be stopped immediately, and the reason should be checked.
  5. Lubricating oil should be added to the gear and rail surface regularly, and at the same time, check whether the fasteners are loose.
  6. Monorail trolley The hand-pulled monorail trolley is supported by I-beams. Therefore, I-beams that are deformed, twisted, cracked, or do not meet the standards or have other defects cannot be used as the track of the monorail trolley.
monorail trolley

Not only the photos above, guess what other high-end manual trolley


We not only have iron universal trolley, but also stainless steel and beryllium bronze, which are explosion-proof beam trolley. Stainless steel monorail trolley are mostly used in combustible dust workshops such as flour mills and feed mills, or clean workshops. Beryllium bronze hand trolleys are mostly used in coal mines, gas fields and other dangerous places with higher explosives.

If you plan to use it in the paint shop, wood, flax, cotton and other combustible powder processing workshops, then also consider the explosion-proof beam trolley. Of course, we also provide explosion-proof chain hoist, explosion-proof hydraulic pallet truck, and explosion-proof electric hoist.

Monorail trolley configuration is optional

We can make some minor adjustments without affecting the bearing performance of beam trolley.

For example, we have two materials for wheels, ductile iron and high-performance manganese steel, and the surface treatment can be divided into spray paint and spray plastic.

The hand chain of geared trolley can be adjusted most economically according to your actual needs.

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