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DHS electric chain hoist is a simple alternative to manual chain hoists. It retains the light and convenient characteristics of the chain hoist, and improves the manual operation and lifting speed of the chain hoist. It combines the characteristics of the electric hoist and the manual hoist.

DHS electric hoist consists of a hoist body, disc motor and reducer. It adopts the disc motor as power, and the planetary reducer decelerates. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, lightweight, high efficiency, convenience, reliable braking, and simple maintenance.

DHS electric hoist is suitable for low-speed and small-travel material loading and unloading, high-rise outer frame lifting, equipment installation, mine and engineering construction, road and bridge engineering and other sites with slow lifting speed work.

Product Models

DHS is a type of slow-speed electric chain hoist. The standard lifting capacity of DHS is 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, and 10T.

Three phase 380V or 220V or single phase 220V are available.

Standard lifting height 3M, 6M, 9M , 12M are optional.

High Quality Spare parts of Liftpand DHS Hoist

  • fine cover
    Fine Cover

    Thickened stainless steel cover effectively protects internal parts from impact.

  • Cooper Motor
    Cooper Motor

    100% cooper motor with 30-minute class and B-class insulation is safer.

  • gears
    Precision Gears

    Precision quenched gear in lower noise and 20% longer life.

  • Disc motor
    Disc Motor

    Combination of electromagnetic brake and mechanical brake, automatic brake when power off.

  • Load chain
    Load Chain

    G80 manganese steel chain in high strength, strong pulling force and not easy to deform.

  • 2 guide roller
    2 Guide Rollers

    Double guide rollers ensure the load chain lifts smoothly and stably.

  • Load hook
    Load hook

    Hot forged hook with a safety latch in high strength and safe operation.

380V DHS Chain Block Photos

DHS-type electric hoist comprises the HSZ-type chain hoist (remove hand chain wheel, hand chain, hand wheel cover components), disc brake motor and planetary reducer.

Its working principle is the brake motor, through the planetary reducer to output speed and power, then drives the long shaft on the hoist to rotate, so that the hoist works. When the power is cut off, it relies on the braking effect of the motor to stop the hoist, then the goods stop at the position.

The working duty of the DHS electric chain hoist is S4-40%.

explosive view of DHS electric chain hoist

DHS dimension

1. After the electric chain hoist has been running for 500 hours, please check whether the amount of lubricating oil is sufficient, and then check the lubricating oil regularly in the third month, if it is insufficient, you need to add oil.

2. When using electric chain hoists outdoors, rainproof equipment should be erected.

3. Always keep the electric chain hoist parts dry, and please take the hoist away from the humid area, high-temperature area or chemical area after operation to maintain its performance.

4. For the maintenance of the load chain, please lubricate the chain with engine oil. For high dust factory, please lubricate the chain with engine oil, regularly remove foreign objects in the chain and guide rollers to ensure the smooth operation of the chain.

5. When the electric chain hoist is not used for a long time, anti-rust treatment and cleaning and maintenance should be done, and it should be run up and down for 1-3 minutes to maintain its performance.

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