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Lifting slings are generally made of high-strength polyester filaments, which have multiple advantages such as high strength, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, and UV resistance. At the same time, they are soft, non-conductive, and non-corrosive (no harm to the human body any harm), it is widely used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, machinery, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, port, electric power, electronics, transportation, military and other fields.

Different colors of webbing slings represent different carrying tonnages, and according to the standards of polyster fiber slings, the colors are as follows: purple represents one ton, green represents two tons, yellow represents three tons, and gray represents four Tons, red means five tons, brown for six tons, orange for eight tons, orange for ten tons, and large tonnage slings that are more than ten tons are also orange.

lifting sling color
In addition to the colored slings, the lifting slings also include a white sling, which does not distinguish colors according to the tonnage, but the color of the slings with various tonnages is all white. Compared with the colored sling, the quality of this white sling has a different pulling force, so if you are lifting heavier objects, the colored sling is better.

Also we can distinguish the webbing sling capacity as its width. 1T – 30mm,2T – 50mm,3T – 75mm,4T – 100mm,5T – 125mm,6T – 150mm, 8T – 200mm,10T – 250mm.

Other Standard of lifting straps:

Safety factor:Liftpand can supply  4:1/ 5:1/ 6:1/ 7:1 lifting slings.

Material: Polyester and Polypropylene

Capacity: Webbing sling 1T-30T  /   Round sling 1T-300T

Width: 25mm-150mm

Working temperature: -40-100 degrees Celsius

About the length: the length of the sling is full of meters. Because the sewing is tight, it will cause an error of less than 10 cm in length. The sling has extension force, and it will be stretched and extended to enough meter.


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Polyester lifting slings is the general name of the market lifting slings because they are made of  synthetic fibers.

According to the shape, there are webbing slings and round slings. Round slings are also named flexible slings.

According to the color, there are white slings and colorful slings. Usually, white slings are made of polypropylene fiber and colorful slings are made of polyester fibre.

white webbing sling

White webbing sling is not corroded by acid and alkali. Except for the use of chemical solvents, polypropylene is suitable for use in strong chemical corrosion environments. The light resistance is relatively poor and it is not suitable for long-term exposure. It is easy to age. Its storage temperature is -40°~ 80°. It has good acid and alkali resistance. It is mainly used for anti-corrosion and moisturizing pipes, pipe coating products, plastic products, etc.

EA flexible round sling

The round flexible sling is made of high-strength polyester industrial filament (100% PES). Its inner load-bearing core is endlessly surrounded to form a loop, and the outer 100% PES is woven into a non-stressed sleeve to protect the inner load-bearing core. It is especially suitable for the lifting of circular objects. The round sling will not be damaged by impact during lifting operations.It has no lifting risk.

EB webbing eye & eye sling

Liftpand has EB-A endless webbing sling and EB-B eye & eye webbing sling.  Webbing strap is woven by a loom at one time and processed with different sewing methods. It has single-layer and double-layer, and the two ends of the hoisting can use reinforced eyelets or metal fittings to increase the strength.During hoisting operations, as webbing sling the wide and smooth bearing surface, it is especially suitable for hoisting objects with soft surfaces.

Lifting Sling Feature Box

light weight
Light weight

The webbing sling is in lightweight, flat in design, and has a wide bearing area, which can reduce the pressure of the surface load and lift easily.

Encryption knitting
Encryption knitting

It is carefully sewn by the machine and formed in one piece, so as to avoid too many joints, resulting in insufficient tension of the sling.


The sling is made of high tenacity polyester filament material.It has a long service life and has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

High strength
High strength and flexibility

It has high strength and elastic recovery force, is resistant to pulling and dragging, soft in texture, and does not hurt the object.

Types of EB Webbing Sling

EB webbing sling refers to the flat colorful lifting straps. There are three models: EB, EB-A, EB-B.

EB series refer to the usual double eyes type.

EB-A  large-tonnage sling is based on the EB, and a layer of polyester protective layer is wrapped around the outside of the sling body, leaving only the double-ring eyes outside, which is convenient for lifting heavy objects.

EB-B is the endless sling which has more casual applications.

EB Webbing Sling

Lifting Sling Applications

Flexible sling apply in bridge construction
Flexible sling apply in bridge construction

The big ton round flexible sling was used to lift the steel box girders to finish the river construction of the highspeed way.

20T webbing sling application in the lifting
20T Webbing sling application in transport

The webbing sling is light and fast to lift the big ton objects for transportation. They are widely used on the road, port or dock.

5T webbing sling application for Electric hoisting
5T webbing sling application for Gantry

Two pieces of eye&eye flat slings in 5T*8M were used for lifting this ETC gantry.

white webbing sling data

EA round sling data

EB webbing sling data

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