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  • pallet truck PU wheel
  • pallet truck rubber wheel
  • Stainless steel pallet truck
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  • pallet truck PU wheel
  • pallet truck rubber wheel
  • Stainless steel pallet truck
  • paper tube pallet truck
  • long pallet truck
  • pallet truck PA wheels
  • scale pallet truck

Description of the main parameters

  •  The standard size of the hand pallet jack is divided into 685*1200mm and 550*1150mm
  • Generally speaking, international standard hand pallet jack have 2.0t-2.5t-3.0t-5.0t, these 4 kinds of load capacity
  • The hydraulic pallet truck is placed at the lowest point, the height is 85mm and 80mm
  • The steel plate used in our transpallet is relatively thick, for example, 3T is 4mm
  • The wheel material of the hydraulic hand pallet truck include nylon, polyurethane, rubber, etc
  • The manual pallet jack body is divided into iron and stainless steel
  • Special-function hydraulic hand pallet truck include paper tube trucks, lengthened, widened, scale pallet truck, etc.
pallet truck PU wheels

Good helper for material flow

The hand pallet truck is a small and convenient, flexible, heavy-duty, durable manual handling equipment. In addition to the function of consigning goods, the pallet truck has a hydraulic device between the chassis and the wheels to facilitate the lifting and landing of goods. The goods can be moved by dragging them. After arriving at the destination, the chassis is hydraulically lowered, and the goods also land on the ground, and the pallet truck can be easily pulled out. It saves the complicated process of manual handling and is a good helper for moving load in the workshop or storehouse.The pallet truck is the easiest, most effective and most common materials handling equipment.

Features of hand pallet truck

Our pallet jack hydraulic device is small in size, easy to operate and convenient to use.

The hydraulic pallet truck handle design conforms to the principle of ergonomics and has three functions: lifting, moving and putting down.

Integral casting oil cylinder, beautiful in appearance, strong and durable, chrome-plated piston rod, internal overflow valve provides overload protection, descending speed control, valve core adopts integral parts, reducing hand pallet truck maintenance costs.

The body of the hand pallet truck is welded with high-quality steel, and the fork has reinforcement ribs.

Each pallet truck is equipped with auxiliary wheels to help us easily pass through small slopes greater than 5°

The hydraulic pallet jack adopts the leading spray technology to improve the appearance of the product and increase the durability of the manual hydraulic pallet truck.


pallet truck details
pallet truck various wheel

How to choose the pallet truck by wheels

There are many kinds of wheels, and the wheel material of the hydraulic hand pallet truck should be selected according to the condition of the working ground. If the ground condition is smooth, you can choose nylon wheels, because nylon wheels are relatively cheap, and have high hardness, high wear resistance, and less effort to pull, but they will make noise. If you don’t want to hurt the ground too much, for example, some factories are on the floor, it is best not to use nylon wheels, and polyurethane wheels should be used. Because nylon is too hard, polyurethane is relatively soft. But if there is a requirement for quietness, rubber wheels are the first choice, followed by polyurethane wheels.

Capacity(kg) 2000/2500/3000/5000
Fork  length(mm) 1150/1220
Width overall forks(mm) 550/685
Fork wheel(mm) Φ80×70
Steering wheel(mm) Φ180×50
Self weight(kg) 62-140
Qty/20 feet container(pcs) 180


  1. Our hydraulic pallet trucks are all integrated pumps because the quality of integrated pumps is more stable
  2. The material of the pallet truck wheel can be met according to the needs of customers
  3. The width and length of the pallet truck fork can be customized according to customer needs, please send demand to discuss
how to use pallet truck

Releted Products

All Your Materials Handling Equipment Needs Covered

LIFTPAND provide a wide range of materials handling equipment, including hand pallet truck, electric pallet truck, manual forklift, electric pallet stacker, manual drum stacker, electric drum stacker, etc. LIFTPAND help you solve all material lifting, moving and placing tasks, and safely and economically removes and transports to the designated location. Improve logistics quality, reduce logistics costs, reduce labor intensity, and improve labor efficiency.

  • Annual sales of 50,000 sets
  • Standing quantity 2000 sets
  • Delivery time 15-20 days
How to choose hand pallet truck

Hand pallet trucks are divided into general hydraulic hand pallet trucks and special hand pallet trucks.

Special hydraulic pallet trucks include stainless manual hydraulic pallet trucks, low level hydraulic hand pallet trucks, heavy manual pallet trucks, widened/extended hand pallet trucks, paper tube manual pallet jacks, etc. Stainless manual hydraulic pallet trucks can be used in clean workshops, such as food processing workshops, pharmaceutical workshops, laboratories, etc. Paper tube manual pallet jacks are mainly used for horizontal transportation of cylindrical objects.

You need to choose the type according to your handling needs. LIFTPAND can provide you with various types of materials handling equipment.

Description of the main parameters of the fork

The width of the selected fork depends on the size of the pallet used in daily use. The standard size of the general manual pallet jack is divided into wide truck and narrow truck. The wide truck is 685*1200mm, and the narrow truck is 550*1150mm. Of course, we have also customized hand pallet trucks with 6000mm length and 1150mm width forks for customers. You can make usage requirements of manual pallet truck, and we have professional engineers to help solve the problem’s practicability.

How to use a pallet jack

Before using the hydraulic hand pallet truck, the operator must carefully read the instructions and the notices on the truck body.  Recognize the weight limit of the hand pallet truck and the approximate weight of the goods, and do not overload. Locate the finger release lever on the hydraulic pallet truck handle and toggle up to release pressure, lower the fork legs to allow forking into the pallet, push the manual pallet jack onto the pallet you want to move, then move the finger release lever on the hand pallet jack handle toward toggle down, shake the release lever up and down repeatedly to raise the load about an inch off the ground, next the finger handle is usually pulled to the middle position when pulling the manual pallet jack, this action can reduce the rebound of the piston handle Strength also helps the hydraulic pallet jack move.

Common Troubleshooting

The hydraulic hand pallet truck is simple in structure and powerful in function, so it is the most commonly used handling tool in factories, warehouses and workshops. But this simple device often has one or another defect, such as slow rise and slow fall or simply fail to rise.

When hydraulic pallet truck can’t rise up, many people think it’s broken? In fact, the situation is uncertain. In many cases, it is just gas in the oil pump of the hand pallet jack, which causes the hydraulic pressure to not rise or rise slowly! At this time, you only need to simply discharge the gas to make the manual pallet truck intact.

The method of exhaust is very simple, let us introduce to you:

Manual pallet trucks generally have three gears

  1. The middle is the parking gear, and the hand pallet truck will neither rise nor fall in this gear.
  2. To dial up is the pressure relief gear.
  3. To shift down is to close the oil seal to allow its hydraulic pressure to rise.We only need to dial up the gear or foot pressure relief valve, and then press the hand pallet jack handle a few times as usual. At this time, although the fork will not rise, it can effectively remove the air in the pump body. After about 10-20 presses, the air can be exhausted, make the ascent faster and stronger.
Safety Precautions
  1. The manual hydraulic pallet truck can only be operated by one person, and one person must be in command when multiple people operate
  2. Overloading, unbalanced loading and single-fork operations are strictly prohibited on hand hydraulic pallet trucks, and ensure that the length of the fork is not less than the length of the pallet
  3. Strictly forbidden to load unstable or loosely packed goods, and if necessary, personnel support must be arranged
  4. Strictly forbidden to operate manual hydraulic pallet trucks on slopes. If hand hydraulic pallet trucks must be used on slopes, the operator must not stand directly in front of the hydraulic hand pallet trucks to avoid the inertia of hydraulic hand pallet trucks causing loss of control and hitting people
  5. Strictly forbidden to carry people on hydraulic hand pallet trucks
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