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A chain hoist, also known as a chain fall is a small lifting tool that is light and easy to carry. It is used in shipbuilding, transportation, manufacturing, and various lifting operations. Heavy-duty chain hoists can also be used for lifting large components. It has low cost, easy installation, and is suitable for occasions without a power supply.

Liftpand can supply a variety of chain hoists in different capacities and types for customized applications. Size is from 0.25T to 50T, from the lightweight DIY market to the heavy-duty construction field. Our chain blocks can be mounted by hook, or combined with a  trolley or a beam clamp.

Please contact our sales team to shop chain hoist for sale as the recommendation.

Standard Popular Chain Blocks

VD chain block

This type is manufactured totally according to CE standards,4 times static tensile load.

Japan technology chain block

This VT series is the popular type that combined quality with price.

Toyo chain block

This TOYQ chain block quality is the same with the above VT type

NITTO chain block

This series is in small-volume and middle quality

HSC chain block

HSZ-C international popular triangle type with double ratchet pawls

DIY round type chain block

This round type chain block is widely used in garage DIY lifting. Many supermarket promotion use this type.

Hand Chain Hoist Working

When the hand chain hoist lifts the goods upwards, pull the hand chain down to make the hand wheel rotate clockwise, and the hand wheel rotates to press the friction disc ratchet and the brake into one body to rotate together, so the hand wheel drives the transmission gears to drive the lifting sprocket. The load chain is driven to lift the goods smoothly, and the ratchet friction plate one-way brake is used to automatically brake under load. The pawl is engaged with the gear under the action of the spring to ensure that the goods stay in the air at any position and will not fall by themselves.

chain block working
hand chain hoist using

Correct Using Way of Chain Falls

Chain hoists are a good helper for moving goods. We must use them correctly to avoid any danger.

  • Don’t lift any load exceeding the rated capacity.
  • Don’t pull and tilt heavy objects obliquely.
  • Don’s stand under the objects.
  • The heavy objects should be effectively fixed in the safety latch of the chain hoist hook.


chain block hook type application
Chain block hook type application

Chain block is used to install machines, lift goods and load and unload vehicles in major factories, mines, construction sites, agricultural production, docks, docks, warehouses, etc., especially for open-air and no-power operations.

chain block trolley application
Chain hoist trolley type application

Chain hoists can be used in combination with various types of monorail trolleys to form a hand-drawn transport trolley. They can run on single-girder bridge cranes, cantilever cranes, and monorail tracks to realize the function of walking left and right to lift and move goods.

chain tackle banner

manual chain hoist explosive view

chain fall parts list

  • “Small, compact hoist perfect for light duty applications”

  • “Works as expected; good value for my purposes; would definitely buy it again”

What capacity does a chain fall can load?

Panda hoist has the little DF type, which minium capacity is 250kg.  Also, there is the heavy type, maximum capacity is 100T. Other capacities are 1T 2T 3T 5T 10T 7.5T 15T 20T 30T. The lifting capacity is determined by the inner lifting mechanism. Every Panda hoist has passed 1.1 times tensile inspection to ensure its safety.

What is your manual chain hoist lifting height?

The standard lifting height is 3 meters of Panda chain hoist. The hand chain length will be the same with the load chain. But for light duty type , it’s about 2.7M hand chain, but 3M load chain.  In theory, the maximum chain length can be 80M. But the longer the chain, the smaller the lifting capacity.

What's your garantee?

Generally, our warranty is one year. If one container, we can bring 1% free wearable parts for you.

Do you have any chain block agent in India?

Sorry, we have no agent in the world. But we have customers in India. If you want to buy only one pcs, you can inform us your address, we check with our customer’s shop.

What's your load chain grade?

We have load chains in G70, G80, G100. Different grades have different lifting capacity. Relatively speaking, the lower the chain level, the worse the capacity.

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