• 250kg small chain hoist
  • 0.5T mini hoist
  • 1T small chain hoist
  • 2T mini chain hoist
  • 250kg small chain hoist
  • 0.5T mini hoist
  • 1T small chain hoist
  • 2T mini chain hoist

HSZ-DF Small Chain Hoist

Capacity: 0.25T-10T
Power Source: manual
Sling type: chain
Lifting height: standard 3M
Warranty: 1 year
HS code: 8425190000
Transport package: strong kraft carton or color carton

Features of HSZ-DF Mini Chain Hoist

  1. Unique designed quadrilateral appearance and thicker plate in beauty and long life.
  2. Compact structure and lightweight. Portable and easy to install. Low headroom as the compact gearbox.
  3. Easy to use. Lubricated bearings and bushings, pinion gears with bearings, and heat-treated spur gearing ensure smooth and efficient operation of the product with minimal effort.
  4. Safety load. Mechanical load brakes allow precise lifting and positioning of loads. The 360° rotatable lower hook with a safety latch can carry the load more safely and effectively.
  5. The hardened lifting chain can bear more weight, has good wear resistance and has a long service life. The steel hoist housing can withstand harsh environments.
  6. Easy to maintain. The hoist is easy to disassemble and assemble, and only some simple hand tools are needed for disassembly and assembly during inspection and maintenance.
  7. Use high-quality brakes, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant high-strength chains and hooks.
  8. Comply with European EN13157 safety standards.
small portable hoist explosive view

Detailed parts of DF mini hand chain hoist

chain hoist housing

High-quality alloy steel shell with uniform spraying, and reasonable grooves, is in good anti-collision ability, and effectively protects the internal accessories.


chain block load hook

Load hook: High-quality alloy forged hooks with safety latches and increased inner diameter are in Strong impact resistance, not easy to break and deform.

double ratchet pawls

Double pawl brake system, unique dry brake mechanism, has a powerful braking effect and can exert strong and durable performance under continuous and long-term working conditions.

double guide roller

The high-strength double guide wheel design can effectively comb the chain and prevent the chain from twisting and jamming, with lighter pulling force and higher efficiency.

High quality gears

High-quality 20CrMnTi alloy steel teeth, after strict carburizing heat treatment process, higher strength, better toughness, reduced friction and loss, higher efficiency.

250kg chain hoist

The surface of the chain is galvanized, which has stronger oxidation resistance, and the hand chain is thicker, stronger and more durable, with longer service life.

Introducing the Liftpand DF model chain hoist – the smallest chain hoist that stands out with its unique four-corner design. This innovative design provides four support points, ensuring enhanced safety compared to the traditional triangle chain hoist.

What sets the small hoist apart from others is its compact size. The body of a 250kg chain hoist is only half the size of an iPhone. Not only are they lightweight, but they are also incredibly portable. Perfect for lifting short-distance and small-sized goods, these light duty hoists can handle weights up to 10T (with a maximum of 20T) and lift heights generally not exceeding 6M.

But it’s not just their size that makes DF chain hoists exceptional. They boast a sleek appearance and meet EU CE standards for quality. The one-piece, thickened housing made from high-quality alloy steel protects the internal chain hoist parts, even in harsh environments. The internal gears are crafted from 20CrMnTi, the same top-notch quality as our heavy duty VD chain hoist accessories. Additionally, the upper and lower hooks are forged from high-quality alloy steel, guaranteeing both long-lasting durability and an appealing look.

With its high-strength galvanized hand and load chains, this DF small hoist crane allows easy and effortless operation while ensuring safety and durability. The hand chain diameter is 3mm for the 250kg and 500kg chain block and increases to 4.8mm for capacities over 1T, which is also the same as the VD series chain block, providing exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.

High quality galvanized 20Mn2 G80 load chain, with four times breaking force ensures all your safety loads.


small chain hoist

Model Capacity(kg) Standard Lifting Height(M) Force of Full load (N) Test Load(kg) Dia of load chain(mm) Dimmension (mm) Net Weight(kg)
a b c d e Hmin
DF-0.25 250 3 220 375 4*12 102 28 98 31 114 261 4.2
DF-0.5 500 3 240 750 5*15 122 34 118 31 119 311 5.7
DF-1 1000 3 305 1500 6*18 152 40 145 31 139 373 10.8
DF-2 2000 3 360 3000 8*24 190 52 184 41 150 460 17.1
DF-3 3000 3 370 4500 10*30 240 62 214 45 158 553 26.2
DF-5 5000 3 390 7500 10*30 240 72 214 51 158 630 40
DF-10 10000 3 430 15000 10*30 244 70 204 54 167 705 73.2

DF chain block packages

chain block test

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