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Liftpand Heavy Duty Chain Fall Hoists

Liftpand offers a diverse range of chain fall hoists, also known as hand chain hoists, featuring various types, capacities, and customizable technologies to cater to different lifting needs. These hoists can be effectively mounted using an I-beam or paired with gear trolleys, plain trolleys, or electric trolleys for enhanced flexibility and efficiency. We also provide specialized chain fall hoists tailored for extreme environments, such as low headroom spaces or explosion-proof warehouses, ensuring safety and reliability under stringent conditions. Our product line differentiates between heavy-duty and light-duty hoists; this page specifically highlights our heavy-duty chain fall hoists, designed to fulfill the most demanding industrial requirements.

VD Type Chain Fall Hoist

The VD Chain Fall Hoist is a top-quality and widely favored model, acclaimed for its similarity to the esteemed KITO CB type. It features a distinctive rolling shutter casing and the highest quality components, ensuring exceptional durability and performance. This hoist is equipped with four bearings throughout the machine, enhancing its operational smoothness and reliability. With a capacity range from 1T to 100T, it can handle a vast array of lifting tasks. Additionally, the VD type offers an optional load limiter and complies with the rigorous GS standards of the European Union, making it an ideal choice for industries requiring the utmost in safety and quality.

2T CB chain fall
2T chain fall hoist
3T KITO chain block
3T Manual Chain Block
5T chain fall hoist
5T Chain Lift Hoist
10T hand chain hoist
10T Chain Pulley Block

VT Type Hand Chain Hoist

Japan Technology VT Chain Fall Hoist stands out in the market for its exceptional value, offering high quality at competitive prices. Known under the popular VITAL and TOYO brands, it enjoys a strong customer base, particularly in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. With a capacity ranging from 0.5 to 50 tons, the VT model features durable G80-grade chains and carries the hallmark of Japanese engineering. OEM branding is available for this versatile model.

1T manual chain winch
1T Chain Hoist
2T VT Chain Block Hoist
2T Chain Fall
3T Chain Fall Hoist
3T Manual Chain Hoist
5T VT Chain Block
5T Chain Fall Hoist
10T VITAL Chain Pulley
10T Chain Hoist
30T Chain Block Hoist
30T Chain Block
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