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HSC Triangle Chain Hoist

Capacity: 0.5T-20T
Type: HSC. CK
Power: Manual
Brake: Double pawls
Lifting height: 2.5M. 3M or as required
Usage: Construction hoist
Supply ability: 500pcs/day
HS code: 8425190000

Simple introduction

HSC type manual chain hoist is an improved product based on the round HSZ type chain block. It includes high-quality CK type and standard HS-C type, also named HSZ-K, HS-V, and HSZ-A620 in the market. In addition to the traditional advantages of HSZ type chain hoist, it requires smaller hand pull force, has a higher safety factor, a more beautiful appearance and higher practicability.

The HS-C chain block can be pulled from multiple directions at an angle of 45° and has a wide range of applications. The outer shell pressed by alloy steel is durable, rust-free, and has anti-collision ability, which can effectively protect internal parts. The curling treatment can effectively avoid jamming.

HSC pulling hoist

Quality HSC Chain Hoist (also named CK chain block)

Load Hook

Hook sets are forged and heat treated vy #45 alloy steel in high strength, good flexibility. When the hook is overloaded, it will only deform slowly and will not break.

Hand chain and Load chain

The hoist uses 4.8mm galvanized hand chain and 20Mn2 G80 load chain with an exquisite welding link. The chains are with beautiful surface treatment, high tensile strength and safety factors.

Gear Cover

Thick alloy steel housing is in anti-collision and protects the inner parts effectively. The surface is painted by power in electrostatic spraying which is more beautiful and anti-rust.

Hand wheel

The thick round hand wheel uses a deep groove design with no resistance and jamming. It has higher work efficiency and smoother operation than the normal quincunx pulley.

Load sheave

20CrMnTi precision gears with high-temperature quenching treatment and high material steel load sheave are more wear-resistant, stable, and labour-saving than the common gears.

Double ratchet pawl

The number of double-pawl ratchet meshes is increased to be more stable during the braking process of heavy objects. The heavy objects will not suddenly fall due to unreliable brakes.

  1. Beautiful appearance, compact structure, durable and stable quality.
  2. Small size, lightweight, and easy to carry.
  3. Smooth operation, high efficiency, small hand pulling force, simple and convenient maintenance.
  4. Double ratchet pawls, double guide roller, more safety and reliable.
  5. Overload protection is optional to ensure safety work.




Capacity (T)


1 2 3 5 10


Lifting Height (M)


2.5 2.5 2.5 3 3


Test Load (T)


1.5 3 4.5 7.5 12.5


Falls of Load Chain


1 2 2 2 4


Dimension of Load Chain (mm)


6 6 8 10 10


Force of Full Load(N)


309 314 340 383 392


Net Weight (kg)


10 17 24 45 83


explosive view of HSZ chain hoist

Standard HSC Hand Chain Hoist

Above we have introduced the high-quality HSC spare parts details. Usually in the market, if you don’t inform your requirements, it will not be that good quality, but don’t worry, it still conforms to the domestic chain hoist standard and every hoist passed 1 time tensile inspection before package. For example, the hook will be #35, not #45. The hand chain will be 4.6mm, not 4.8mm. The hand wheel will be middle-quality quincunx. The load chain material will be #45 alloy steel.  Of course in Panda, our staff will confirm the chain pulley details before your inquiry.

Spare parts of HSC chain pulley
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