What are beam clamps for lifting?

You must have heard about Beam Clamp, but haven’t paid attention on it. 

When you have a manual hoist and want to hang it on I beam, maybe you have an idea to install a manual trolley to the I beam, then hang the manual hoist to the trolley. But it will move. If you want to fix the manual hoist, then you can use a beam clamp. 

The below blog will inform you what beam clamps are and how to use them. 

What are beam clamps?

Beam clamps are simple lifting devices, which are widely used in construction, port transportation, factory operations,  track construction, and so on.  

For example, when constructing a factory building or building a road, a beam clamp is installed on the I-beam, and then the lifting equipment wire rope is connected to the clamp to lift or move the I-beam. Beam clamp is a powerful tool for steel structure installation, with high tensile strength and high safety factor.

A beam clamp can also be used to fix the lower edge of the I-beam to support lifting equipment, such as hand chain hoist, lever hoist, electric chain hoist, etc.

Type of Beam Clamps 

YC, YS beam clamps

Lfitpand Beam clamp comes in two styles, a ring-type clamp, named type YS and a shaft-type, named type YC.

The lifting ring YS type is an integrated die-forged lifting ring, which has higher strength and is more convenient to use and hang. The price is also higher than the shaft YC type.

How to choose the right beam clamp?

Confirm the application

Please confirm first where you want to use the beam clamp, to fix a hoist or to lift the I-beam.  If lifting steel, beam clamps must be used in pairs and cannot be used sideways.

Confirm the capacity 

Each beam clamp of Liftpand is tested before packaging. The test load of a single clamp is 2 times the capacity and is maintained for 5 minutes. After unloading, it is inspected and there must be no deformation. Therefore, when selecting, just select according to the actual load. There is no need to choose a large load. Of course, overloading is strictly prohibited.

For example, if you need to lift a 2T I-beam, you need to choose two 2T beam clamps.

Below Liftpand beam clamps specification for your reference:

beam clamps specification

How to install the beam clamp?

how to use beam clamps

The beam clamp is composed of two thickened alloy steel plates connected by a main shaft and a central spiral shaft.

The operation is very simple. Rotate the threaded shaft counterclockwise, loosen the jaws to the appropriate size, clamp the lower edge of the I-beam, rotate the threaded shaft clockwise, and clamp.

Hope that the above details will help your work and business. Any other questions you have, welcome to connect with Liftpand professional sales team.

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