LIFTPAND Compact Electric Wire Rope Winch


●Durable Construction

●Considerate Parts

●Large Bearing Force

●Safety Protection



Liftpand PAH-DK electric builder’s hoists offer a convenient and reliable way to lift loads in any situation using standard 220V household voltage. At up to 19 meters per minute, the speed of these hoists ensures that work is completed quickly without sacrificing safety; they can even reach heights of 60 meters for high-rise applications! Moreover, there are no restrictions on how long you can use them – enjoy continuous operation time with this powerful lifting solution.

Liftpand electric mini winches are perfect for small, tight spaces due to their compact size and lightweight. These cleverly-designed devices come with a friction clutch and upper & lower limit switches inside providing extra safety when in use. Moreover, they have excellent dustproof and waterproofing performance making them suitable even for the harshest of environments such as factories or workshops where air circulation is poor.

The hook-suspended portable small electric winches are easy and convenient to install. They are widely used in construction sites, civil engineering and general factories and water pipe facilities, coating support, storage, construction, household, agriculture, fishery, storage, etc.


Alloy steel heat treatment gear in the high-efficiency bevel transmission, the strength is 3 times higher than the rated lifting capacity.


Aluminium alloy die-casting integrated moulding, strong toughness, computer CNC processing, high precision, low noise, and smooth operation.

Load hook

360°rotation forging alloy steel hook after heat treatment in high strength and safety factor of 4 times.

Powerful motor

Carbon brush motor, low maintenance cost, copper wire heat resistance up to 180 degrees, specially designed for long-term lifting.

limit position

Automatically stop when the wire rope is over the upper limit. Automatically stop when the wire rope is reversed, which is safe and secure.

Handling control

Cable control: 5M power cable and 7M control cable.

Remote control: control about 300M

Product Feature Box

lifting speed
lifting speed 19M/MIN
Powerful and efficient
Continuous working
Continuous working
Long lifting
Long lifting to 30M

data of scaffold hoist


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