Electric Hoist Crane

Easy to hang up heavy things

  • Cooper motor
  • Mn-steel hook
  • Anti-rotation wire rope
  • Wide applications

Simple introduction of the Micro electric rope hoist

The miniature electric hoist is a small hoist with single-phase electricity. It is flexible to use in places with household 220V/110V/127V voltage. It is very popular in homes, shopping malls, freight yards and other places as its compact structure and portability. Mini electric hoist is also known as home depot electric hoist, small overhead electric hoist and single-phase electric hoist. The lifting capacity is from 100-1000 kg, and the 600/1200 kg, and 750/1300kg can also be customized.

The micro electric hoist is divided into single-hook and double-hook types. The lifting capacity of double-hook lifting is twice that of single-hook lifting. But the height of single hook lifting is twice the height of double hook lifting.

The PA electric hoist is suitable for lifting heavy items from downstairs in high-rise buildings and uses single-phase electricity as the power source. As the use of the pure copper motor, the temperature rises slowly, the power is higher, the lifting is more powerful, and the continuous use time is longer.

Every winch will be equipped with an instruction manual. The manual will explain the safe use, installation, parameters, precautions, safety reminders, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, wiring principles, parts list, etc. of the miniature electric hoist. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the manual carefully before operation, so that it can be safer in subsequent use.

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Hoist Parts Details

Panda PA electric hoist has met the international standard EN14492-2+A1/AC:2010. The motor radiator is made of die-cast aluminium material, which has good heat dissipation, ensures the safety and improves life. The lifting speed of the hoist can reach 10 meters per minute, and the length of the wire rope is initially designed to be 12 meters (extension can be customized). For the hooks, an advanced double hook setting is specially designed, which greatly increases the lifting weight of the mini electric hoist.

Mini electric hoist remote control
Pendant set

The ABS polymer pendant is suitable for a variety of outdoor occasions, thickened and wear-resistant, and has strong electrical resistance. Can be used with wireless remote control, with the emergency stop switch.

Hoist hook and pulley

Non-welded premium forged hooks are capable of loads Meet EN517 with safety latches to prevent decoupling during lifting and in safer load bearing.


Electric hoist wire rope

Anti-rotation and wear-resistant aircraft wire rope, breaking tensile 1870N/mm², prevents the lifting object from slipping, has a large tensile force, long life, is not easy to break, twist, deform, and has high safety.

Micro electric hoist cooling fan

High-speed with 8 blades and more fan ports are in good heat dissipation and can make the machine work stably, improve work efficiency, low noise and be more durable.

Models of the PA electric hoist

Micro electric hoist is popular worldwide as its household feature. But there is still some difference for different countries. So please inquiry us and choose the suitable model.

  • Standard 220V PA electric hoist

    This series also name PA-B in the market. Its voltage is 220V 50HZ. Protect grade is IP40. Insulation class is B. Widely used in Asia, Middle East and African markets.



  • CE standard Europe hoist

    This series also name PA-M in the market. Its voltage is 220V 50HZ. The standard production has the emergency switch, lower limit position and thermal protection. Protect grade is IP54. Insulation class is F. It’s widely used in Europe or the customer having strict quality requirements.

  • Electric winch 110V 127V

    This series also name PA-L in the market. Its voltage is 110V/127V 60HZ. Protect grade is IP40. Insulation class is B. Widely used in South America, US and Japan.



Different usage of the micro electric winch

Miniature electric hoist is widely used in production lines, assembly lines, assembly machines, logistics transportation and other occasions of modern industries such as machinery manufacturing, electronics, automobiles, shipbuilding, workpiece assembly and high-tech industrial zones in different usage types.

  • Suspension PA electric winch

    There will be two fixed-frame rings and one bag nuts and washers in every hoist package. Customers can fix the PA hoist with one square tube.


  • Moving electric hoist with trolley

    The mini electric trolley can be used with 68-110mm I-beam. There are fours wheels and six wheels type electric trolleys for your choice.

  • Remote control electric hoist

    It is more convenient to use it in high places or other places with limited environments after being equipped with a wireless remote control device.

  • Electric hoist with lifting crane

    PA400-PA1000 hoist with the 0.2T-0.5T 360° rotation crane, widely used in high-rise lifting, grain lifting, and construction sites.

  • Mini hoist with hoist frame

    The capacity of this frame is 200kg, combined with PA200/PA300/PA400 electric hoist, in small footprint and beautiful surface.

More Optional Configuration

wire rope
Wire rope

The standard wire rope length of the PA electric hoist is 12M. Max can be added to 30M.

Heat protector
Heat protector

Europe standard has the heat protector. Other country customers can also choose to add it.

Pendant cable
Pendant cable

The standard cable length is 1.5M, lengthen it is available.

Pendant control

Many options of the electric hoist pendant. Please inform us your choice before order.

Single or double hooks of PA hoist

There will be another pulley for electric hoist double lines usage when you receive our Panda hoist. Under the rated lifting capacity, the double-rope lifting weight of the same electric hoist is twice that of the single-rope lifting. Therefore, double rope lifting is usually used for lifting heavy goods. But the lifting height can only reach half of the single rope lifting height.

The rated capacity of the micro electric hoist:

(1 hook/2 hooks) 100/200KG,125/250KG,200/400KG,250/500KG,300/600KG,400/800KG,500/1000KG;

Lifting Height: (1 hook/2 hooks) 12/6M;

Lifting Speed: (1 hook/2 hooks) 10/5 (M/Min)

single and double hook of PA hoist
Fixed PA electric hoist Installation

Fixed PA electric hoist Installation

Micro-electric hoist needs to be installed on a square tube.

PA200-800 recommends using a 46mm diameter square tube, and PA1000-1200 recommends using a 50mm square tube.

The round tube installation is not recommended, as that will bring shaking of the objects when operation and cause unnecessary loss.

PA electric winch with I-beam

Mini electric hoist combined with PA trolley moves on the I-Beam. No matter 0.5T trolley or 1T trolley, recommended to use an I-beam width of 68mm-110mm.

The control of the moving hoist is 4 positions pendant with an emergency switch. Remote control as the video is available.

The working system of the PA hoist is S3-25%-10min.

PA electric winch with I-beam

Every hoist from Panda must pass the below Quality Control

Cooper wire inspection
Cooper wire inspection

80% spare parts are produced in our factory. Every cooper stator has been inspected the pressure resistance.

Semi-motor inspection
Semi-motor inspection

Every motor must pass the 1.1 times and 5 times up and down dynamic rated load test, stretching test, and fatigue test.

electric hoist motor test
Final Motor inspection before package

Here,test the motor steering, performance, limit function, and check the appearance quality of the whole machine.


Guaranteed quality , Favorable price and Fast delivery

Characteristics of the Micro Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Mini electric hoist, also named power cable hoist, electric winch permits the safe lifting of the loads around the house, workshop, restaurant or mall easily by simple switch pressing. For liftpand, the priority is safety and functionality.

  • Safety

1.100% cooper motor is in high durability, power efficiency and less noisy.

2. Automatic production line, such as the rotor finishing, and stator copper wire winding ensures stable and good quality.

3.19*7 galvanized anti-rotation wire rope is in breaking strength ≥1780N/mm²,meets GB/T20118-2006

4. We choose a good power cable supplier, which has passed VDE testing and INMETRO testing.

5. With emergency stop switch and reinforced breaking switch

6. Premium forged load hook with a safety catch meets EN517

7. Every hoist has passed 1.25 times the test load before packaging.

  • Functionality
  1. Work grade: S3-25%-10min
  2. For easy mounting, the equipment comes complete with double clamps.
  3. Every hoist has a pulley block, which increases load capacity by double.
  4. An automatic brake secures the load in every position.
  5. An automatic limit cut-out prevents the motor from overheating at the same time

PA electric winch data sheet

explosion of the PA mini electric hoist

Product line

Product line

Standard Package


200KG-800KG electric hoist one pcs in one carton (colour or kraft) is optional.

Plywood case for the PA hoist is available. But we don’t recommend it as there is bubble film to protect the hoist in the carton.


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