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  • pa200l micro electric hoist
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Micro electric hoist

Mini electric hoist, also named power cable hoist, electric winch permits safety lifting of the loads around house, workshop, restaurant or mall easily by simple switch pressing. For LIFTPAND, the priority is safety and functionality.

Features of PA series electric hoist:


100% cooper motor is in high durability, power efficiency and less noisy.

Automatic production line, such as the rotor finishing, stator cooper wire winding ensures stable and good quality.

19*7 galvanized anti-rotation wire rope is in breaking strength ≥1780N/mm²,meets GB/T20118-2006

We choose good power cable supplier, which has passed VDE testing and INMETRO testing.

With emergency stop switch and reinforced breaking switch

Premium forged load hook with a safety catch meets EN517

Every hoist has passed 1.25times test load before packaging.

hoist details key spareparts


Work grade: S3-25%-10min

For easy mounting, the equipment comes complete with double clamps.

Every hoist has a pulley block, which increases load capacity in double.

An automatic brake secures the load in every position.

An automatic limit cut-out prevents the motor overheating at the same time.

mini electric hoist using way

Standard Packaging of Mini Electric Hoist:

PA200 – PA800 : 2 color cartons in 1 kraft carton

PA1000 – PA1200: 1 kraft carton

PA1300:1 plywood case


mini electric hoist data

1. Whats the max length of the cable winch?

Our standard length is 12M. Max length is 30M. The rope drum can’t be lengthened.

2. Whats the max load capacity of the cable winch?

Until now, we can make max weight 1200kg in double hooks usage.

3. How about the length of the power cable?

The standard power cable length is 70CM.

The standard pendant length is 160CM.

Customer can require the length.

4. How about the packaging?

The standard is 2 inner color boxes in 1 outside kraft carton for PA200 – PA800 and only 1 outside kraft carton for PA1000-PA1200. Also we accept OEM design.

5. Could the small electric hoist work without a break?

NO. Working mechanism of electric cable hoist is S3-20% (25%)10mins. In theory means that we should work 2min and have a rest  for 8min. During working, we have to rest after working 15min, or the motor will be overheating. So if the hoist is off power automatically, maybe you use it without a break.

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mini electric hoist

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