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Liftpand Lifting Clamps

Liftpand clamps include a variety of lifting clamps such as drum clamps, pallet clamps, stone clamps, and steel plate clamps. Among these, the steel plate lifting clamps are the primary products, which include horizontal lifting clamps, vertical lifting clamps, single and double plate lifting clamps, flip clamps, and Japanese-style lifting clamps.

Our products offer a diverse range of options with multiple colours available for selection and support for custom designs. The products are exported to countries in South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and beyond.

YT Rail Clamp
YT Rail Clamp

YT type is suitable for steel rail lifting.

YG Round Steel Tube Clamp
YG Round Tube Clamp

YG clamp is for steel pipe and concrete pipe lifting.

MT Pallet clamp
MT Pallet clamp

Suitable for horizontal moving of wooden pallets.

YQC Drum Clamp
YQC Drum Clamp

YQC clamp is for lifting oil drums.

YC Beam clamp
YC Beam clamp
Beam Clamp is fixed on I-beam to lift hoists.
PDQ Single Steel Plate Clamp
PDQ Single Plate Clamp

Suitable for horizontal lifting of steel plates.

Drum Clamp

  • SL Drum Clamp
    SL Drum Clamp

    Dual-chain oil drum lifting clamp for both metal and plastic with lifting rings.

  • LJ Oil drum clamp
    LJ Oil Drum Clamp

    Dual-leg oil drum lifting clamp for both metal and plastic drum.

  • PD Drum Clamp
    PD Drum Clamp

    Four-chain oil drum lifting clamp for both metal and plastic drum.

  • PC Drum Clamp
    PC Drum Clamp

    Round lifting ring, dual-chain oil drum lifting clamp for both metal and plastic drum.

  • LD Drum Clamp
    LD Drum Clamp

    Round chain-style oil drum lifting clamp for both metal and plastic drum.

Stone Clamp

Features of Liftpand Lifting Clamps

DIverse Models
DIverse Models

You can find various models from Liftpand.


Welcome your OEM and ODM orders.

High Quality Alloy Steel
High Quality Alloy Steel

Quality and durability are the first for Liftpand clamps.

Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate

You can use the lifting clamps easily.

Quality Liftpand Lifting Clamps

Liftpand introduces advanced production equipment and adopts strict manufacturing processes. All raw materials undergo inspections to ensure stable performance before production can proceed.

All Liftpand lifting clamps are made from high-quality alloy steel, flawlessly formed through a forging process. Each clamp undergoes a static load test at 1.25 times and a dynamic load test at 1.1 times its capacity before packaging. This ensures that our clamps are stable, reliable, and durable.

Liftpand Quality Clamps
lifting clamps

Wide Applications of Lifting Clamps

Discover the wide applications of lifting clamps and unlock endless possibilities for your lifting operations. From construction sites to manufacturing facilities, warehouses to shipyards, lifting clamps prove indispensable in safely and efficiently handling heavy loads of various shapes and sizes. Whether you’re lifting steel beams, plates, pipes, or other materials, our diverse range of lifting clamps is engineered to meet your specific needs with precision and reliability. Experience the versatility and reliability of lifting clamps and elevate your lifting capabilities to new heights.

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