Construction Electric Hoist

Easy to hang up heavy things

  • Cooper motor
  • Mn-steel hook
  • Anti-rotation wire rope
  • Wide applications








Welcome to the KCD electric winch – the versatile hoist you’ve been looking for! Featuring both a conical rotor motor and an ordinary motor, along with a speed changer structure, the KCD electric hoist gives you optimum control over your lifting operations. With its electric hoist and capstan functions, you can easily lift vertically and tow horizontally!

The KCD electric hoist provides you with fast braking, a compact design, and an easy-to-maintain structure that all add up to make your lifting operations efficient and effortless. With a lifting capacity ranging from 300kg to 2000kg and a 30M wire rope length, we’re confident that you can meet your lifting needs with the KCD electric winch. If you need a longer option, we’ve got you covered with a 100M choice!

Our electric winch can be used in a variety of settings – from small workshops and mines to shopping malls and skyscrapers. It can be used for all kinds of lifting, loading, and moving at any angle, making it the perfect solution for any lifting task. Invest in the KCD electric hoist today and enjoy convenience, efficiency, and safety in your lifting operations!

Models of the Multifunctional KCD Electric Winch

The electric hoists and winches all work by controlling the wire rope through the motor. They are widely used in construction and decoration sites, material handling and other environments for lifting and traction. Please choose the right model as the model difference and working requirements.

Liftpand offers products with adjustable speed, different wire rope length, and varying load capacities. There are two types of shells, iron and aluminium, and the styles are vertical and horizontal, as well as vehicle winches and heavy construction winches.

Types of the KCD Electric Winches

The KCD electric winches can be used solo in an upside-down position or in various positions to achieve different functions. It can also be installed on the I-beam with a manual or electric trolley to realize the running type, and it can also be used with a stand pick up truck crane, small crane, gantry, etc.


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