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Durable and Reliable Come Alongs for All Your Industrial Needs

  • High Quality Alloy Steel
  • Strong Pulling Force
  • Easy to Operate




High Performance Come Alongs

Come-alongs also known as hand pullers, hand winches or tension pullers. They are versatile hand-operated devices essential for pulling, tension and stretching heavy loads. Different from the ratchet lever chain hoist, they consist of a ratchet mechanism and a cable or rope wound around a drum. By cranking the handle, the user engages the ratchet to pull in the cable and, consequently, the attached load.

Liftpand come alongs are engineered for superior performance in even the most demanding situations. As a leading manufacturer and global exporter, we specialize in producing robust come-alongs that offer unrivalled strength and reliability. Each tool is crafted using high-grade alloy steel, equipped with a precision ratchet mechanism, and fitted with a strong, wear-resistant cable to ensure consistent operation and longevity. Whether you’re pulling heavy equipment, tensioning wires, or conducting vehicle recovery, our come-alongs provide the essential leverage and control you need. With safety and efficiency at the forefront of our design, our come alongs are the go-to choice for professionals in construction, logistics, and emergency services. Experience the confidence of superior pulling power with our come alongs, designed to conquer challenges and exceed industry standards.

Models of Liftpand Come Alongs

Liftpand Come Alongs offer a range of models tailored to meet diverse customer needs, each crafted with varying qualities for different applications. The economic model features multiple gears, providing a cost-effective solution for basic lifting and pulling tasks. For more demanding environments, the quality model is constructed with an integral gear, ensuring enhanced sturdiness, wear resistance, and ergonomic design for greater comfort and durability. At the top of the range, the heavy-duty model boasts heat-treated gears and pawls, designed to withstand rigorous use and offer a longer lifespan, making it ideal for intensive industrial applications. Each model is engineered to provide reliability and efficiency, catering to a variety of customer requirements.

Capacity of Liftpand Come Alongs

Liftpand come alongs, commonly utilized in various industrial and construction settings, offer a robust solution for lifting, pulling, and positioning heavy loads. These devices are available in standard capacities of 1 ton, 2 tons, and 4 tons, with additional options for 2.5 tons and 3 tons to accommodate more specific load requirements. Notably, the quality of these come alongs can be customized to meet particular operational demands, ensuring enhanced durability and performance.

  • 1T Come Along
    1T Come Along
    • Breaking strength:1T
    • Cable: Φ4mm*2M
    • Double gear, single line, double hooks
  • 2T hand puller
    2T hand puller
    • Breaking strength:2T
    • Cable: Φ4.2mm*2M
    • Double gear, double line, double hooks
  • 4T cable puller
    4T cable puller
    • Breaking strength:4T
    • Cable: Φ5mm*2.2M
    • Double gear, double line, double hooks

Essential Tools for Electrical Line Tightening and Security

Ratchet pullers, another type of come along, are often used in conjunction with cable grips and are indispensable tools in electrical engineering projects. They are essential for tightening or temporarily securing lines.

Liftpand hand puller winches feature a bidirectional self-locking brake system to prevent slipping and are equipped with high-quality alloy steel gears that have been heat-treated. With a hardness exceeding 52 degrees, the gears engage with precision, ensuring efficient and reliable operation. They are powerful and not easy to break.

hand cable puller
hand puller

Features of Multifunctional Come Alongs

  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Smooth operation in confined spaces.
  • Alloy steel hook with a 360° rotation bearing for enhanced maneuverability.
  • High-quality anti-rotation wire rope for reliable performance.
  • Aluminum-sleeved steel wire rope with an innovative reverse design significantly enhances safety.
  • One-piece high-quality carbon steel construction with high-density gears for durability and strength.
  • Equipped with an automatic braking device for efficient and labor-saving electrical work.

Specifications of The Hand Puller And Cable Grip

technical data of come along clomp

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