High-Performance Bolt Type Shackles

At Liftpand, our bolt type shackles set the standard for reliability and durability in lifting and rigging applications. Crafted from high-quality carbon steel and alloy steel through precise heat-treated forging, our shackles are engineered to support loads up to a massive 1000 tons. Designed for long-term use, each shackle features a robust assembly consisting of a bolt, nut, and cotter pin, ensuring secure and stable connections under various loads.

Our bolt shackles undergo meticulous surface treatments, including electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, and plastic spraying, to enhance their corrosion resistance and extend their service life even in the harshest environments. Whether for industrial, construction, or maritime applications, Liftpand’s bolt type shackles provide the safety and performance you need to handle heavy-duty tasks with confidence.

Bolt Type Shackles

G2130 Bolt Bow Type Shackle
  • Body material 45#, Bolt 40Cr
  • Size: from  3/16  to  2-1/2  inches
  • Load Capacity: 0.3T –  55T
  • Package: gunny bag or carton on pallets
G2150 Bolt D Type Shackle


  • Body material 45#, Bolt 40Cr
  • Size: from  1/4  to  2-1/2  inches
  • Load Capacity: 0.5T –  55T
  • Package: gunny bag or carton on pallets
wide body shackle
G2160 Bolt Wide Body Shackle
  • Body material 45#, Bolt 40Cr
  • Load Capacity: 7T –  300T
  • Package: gunny bag
  • The test load is 2 times the rated working load

Features of Liftpand Bolt Shackles

  • Our bolt type shackles are crafted from the highest quality carbon and alloy steel, ensuring strength and durability
  • Available in a range of sizes and weight capacities, our shackles meet diverse needs from small tasks to heavy-duty operations.
  • Clearly marked with the size, load limit, and manufacturer information for easy identification and safety compliance.
  • The testing standards for shackles are as follows: for 55t to 300t, the test load is 2 times the rated load; for 400t, the test load is 1.5 times the rated load; for over 500t, the test load is 1.3 times the rated load. The minimum breaking load is either 4 times or 6 times the rated load.
Bow Shackles
application of bolt shackle

Applications of Bolt Shackles

Liftpand bolt shackles are essential tools in a variety of industries due to their robustness and reliability in handling heavy loads. Commonly used in lifting operations, they connect lifting apparatus like chains, ropes, or slings to various loads in construction, manufacturing, and warehousing. In the marine sector, bolt shackles are integral for tasks such as anchoring, mooring, and general rigging on ships and docks. They are also crucial in towing applications, whether in vehicle recovery or transporting heavy machinery. Additionally, bolt shackles play a vital role in staging setups for theatrical productions and live events, ensuring the safe suspension of equipment and scenery. Their secure locking mechanism, typically featuring a bolt, nut, and cotter pin, ensures a stable and secure connection, making them indispensable in any scenario that involves the lifting, moving, or securing of heavy items.

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