Benefits of material handling equipment in your warehouse

In today’s fast-paced economy, both warehouses and factories strive to enhance operational efficiency. Faced with the complexities of handling goods, the need for time-saving and labor-efficient tools is paramount, giving rise to material handling equipment.

What’s the material handling equipment?

Common material handling equipment includes small carts, hydraulic pallet jacks, semi-electric forklifts, fully electric forklifts, stackers, and palletizers. These devices actively operate in logistics centers, workshops, and warehouses, replacing manual labor for tasks such as transporting, stacking, lifting, and loading and unloading.

The significance of logistics handling equipment is on the rise, with market capacity growing annually. Taking our hydraulic pallet jack factory as an example, we produce approximately 30,000 units annually, with a consistent demand for orders.


Reduce handling costs

Choosing appropriate material handling tools significantly lowers a company’s loading and unloading costs, enhancing the speed and quality of cargo transportation.

In sectors like express delivery, the use of intelligent handling equipment reduces time and personnel costs, improving overall operational efficiency.

Save labour 

In less mechanized eras, manual lifting and carrying were the norm. As industrialization progressed, the volume of material handling increased, sometimes constituting 20% of total labor.

With advancing technology, businesses now prioritize efficient handling equipment, enabling one worker with an electric forklift to replace several manual workers in moving a 1-ton pallet.

Improve work efficiency 

The utilization of tools, including material handling equipment, significantly boosts work efficiency.

For instance, an electric forklift eliminates the need for constant breaks and refreshments during pallet handling.

Additionally, equipment like stackers makes reaching high shelves effortless.

Reduce workplace injuries

Appropriately chosen material handling equipment reduces the physical strain on workers during loading, unloading, and carrying, minimizing the occurrence of accidents.

It also allows workers to avoid high-risk areas, such as high-temperature environments, dust, and radioactive sites, safeguarding their health.

Reduce cargo damage

Material handling equipment enhances the quality of cargo handling, reducing the risk of damage caused by human factors.

Rational use of equipment streamlines handling, minimizing operational steps and reducing the chances of loss or wear during individual item transport.

Improve space utilization

Forklifts efficiently stack goods at greater heights, optimizing space utilization and enabling effective handling across various shelving systems. Maximizing equipment usage accelerates cargo turnover, reduces accumulation, and enhances space utilization efficiency.

Low cost

The automation, scalability, and intense market competition in material handling equipment production have led to a gradual decrease in manual handling device prices. These devices are not only cost-effective but also reliable, durable, and easy to maintain. Conversely, rising labor costs make investing in handling equipment a cost-effective solution, reducing significant labor input.

In conclusion, using material handling equipment safely and efficiently can save time, reduce labor costs, and enhance overall productivity.

If you are in need of material handling equipment, unsure about selecting the right devices, or require maintenance accessories, feel free to reach out to us. Liftpand is here to assist you.

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