Why Choose us ?


Why Choose us ?
Innovation and Efficiency is Our Goal, Panda People made the
cranes with Compact Design, Low Headroom,
Good safety, high performance and efficient operation,
We are committed to help our Customers Cut Down Plant and Building Investment, Improve Production Efficiency, Reduce Daily Maintenance,
Economize Energy Consumption and Achieve Best Return on Investment,
to meet customer requirements for Different Operating Conditions
and Provide them with One-stop Solutions.

Our Service Industry
At present, Panda Cranes widely used in the automotive industry, construction machinery, The steel industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace industry, nuclear industry, warehousing logistics, The transformer industry, power industry, machinery processing industry, paper industry, food processing industry, Nonferrous metal industry, petrochemical industry,  wind power industry,  metallurgy industry, waste treatment Industry,  port container warehousing and other industries.

Our International Relations
Panda Cranes is also now recognized in the international market by bidding
for the International market needs since 2005 successfully for its products
through its excellent proven relations in the present international
captured markets with its quality product.
At Present, Panda Machines Has Service and Working in Bangladesh,
Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Germany, USA,
Mexico, Brizal, UAE, Jodan, etc More than 80 Countries and Regions.